Kim Bouvy

Deconstruction of a Weavers’ House





These are some images I took last April of an old weavers’ house in the small city of Assendelft in Noord-Holland. The house was in the process of being deconstructed, peeled as an onion, to possibly be reconstructed again at the Zaanse Schans: a peculiar time-capsule, where significant traditional wooden buildings from the area around Zaandam have been relocated to, mostly in the sixties and seventies. This collection of nomadic green wooden houses form a new constellation that has a certain Disney-like feeling about it - although different since many of the houses are inhabited by real people.

I was asked by Michiel van Iersel from Non-Fiction (how appropriate) to document the house in its ‘most original state’ at its plot of land, where a new villa would arise after the house had been deconstructed. While making the photos, construction workers were taking the house apart, bit bit by bit, some pieces were numbered, many pieces were not. The man in charge of the deconstruction, would also be building the new villa. The house would be transported into parts to a storage, where it probably still sits today.

The future will tell if this house will ever be reconstructed and presumably renovated, but to which authentic glory, I asked myself? What will be restored of the entropic but very characterstic state of the building, formed by many layers of use, before it went down? Who will decide how its real and original character will be revived?
I was fascinated by the way the layers and colors of paint had, together with the wooden skeleton of the structure, had a certain formal, abstract quality.

July 2011 - Karl Marx Allee, Berlin


End of June, beginning of July, I was in Berlin to revisit some of the sites that I photographed in 2001/ 2002 for my book / project ‘Niemandsland - Berlin without the wall’. In 2009, my interest in the project was rekindled since the landscape had managed to transform itself again in such a way that it deserved some closer attention. It seemed as if more and more parts of the wall started to come back and reappear in the landscape - a remarkable seemingly retrograde movement.
Apart from ‘Niemandsland’, the Karl Marx Allee drew my attention because of its remarkable formal architectural beauty and urban structure. The image shows the back side of the Kino International.

Photography commission Maasstad Hospital Rotterdam

About a year ago, I started working on a series of views, that would be placed in the waiting areas of a newly built hospital in Rotterdam. The Maasstad Hospital approached Gerco de Ruijter, Bas Princen and me to come up with a proposal for these spaces of transit and waiting. The series is called ‘Points of View’ and depicts remarkable points of views in the city. I wanted to simulate space in these spaces, to give the opportunity to wander off in your mind, while waiting for a treatment or doctors’ appointment. For the commission, I went to Barcelona and Valencia and added two images I took in Shanghai last summer. Now they are finally installed!

All images are 150×190 cm, mounted on dibond, framed in wooden frames with plexi glass.



Shanghai, 2010



Barcelona, 2011



Barcelona, 2011



Shanghai, 2010



Barcelona, 2011

Friday Feb 25, 2011: opening 17h ‘One Month Marxloh’ at Het Wilde Weten

25 Feb 25 - 6 March
EXHIBITION ‘1 Maand Marxloh’, Het Wilde Weten
With works by Jetske de Boer, Christine Saalfeld, Eric Jan van der Geer, Kim Bouvy, Elian Somers, Ine Lamers and Sandro Setola. A project organized by Kim Zieschang and Arnoud Schuurman.

Opening: Friday Feb 25, 17h by Hugo Bongers, Director of the Rotterdam Council for Art and Culture.

Guided tour by Jetske de Boer – Staatsorgaan voor Toekomst Organisatie en Planning (S.T.O.P.) during the opening and by appointment (

Open February 25 – March 6 Thursday – Sunday: 12:00 – 17:00 hrs and by appointment (tel. 0652-144001,

1 Maand Marxloh