Kim Bouvy

curated projects

co-curator (together with Margriet Kemper) exhibition ‘Point de Vue’, which celebrates the 200 years of existence of the College of Art in Den Bosch (currently called and part of AVANS Hogeschool) at the former Municipal Museum in Den Bosch (SMS), opening 2 October, 2012

projectmanager ‘Reclaiming the Street’ for MAMA - gallery for media and moving art, Rotterdam


‘The Other Site’ - Het Wilde Weten May 24 - June 21, 2009

Together with Elian Somers

curator of RAIR #1

5-20 feb 2009, location: Former Fotomuseum at Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam
RAIR #1 is an exhibtion showing the works of former/current guest artists of the five residencies in Rotterdam at Het Wilde Weten, BAD Foundation, Kaus Australis, Kunst & Complex and Duende Studios. RAIR Foundation (Rotterdam artists in residence) is founded by these five organisations to strengthen their individual residency programme that has had such an important impact on the Rotterdam’ art scene for the last 25 years. For Het Wilde Weten, I was conceirned with our guest studio for that period and involved in the RAiR Foundation. For RAiR, I was hired as a curator and projectmanager and responsable for the concept and production of the show of 28 artists that I selected and who had been a guest in one of our 16 residencies in the last 5 years.

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curator/project manager of ‘Bouw in Beeld prijs 2008‘ - photography award and exhibition - Edgar Degas foundation / company Ballast Nedam.
After setting up the concept of the first Bouw & Beeld prize while I was working at the Netherlands Architecture institute in 2007, the Edgar Degas Foundation approached me for the second edition in 2008 as a freelance curator / producer. The show with the works of the ten finalists that had been working on a new series connected to a given theme, traveled to 3 different venues in the Netherlands. One prize of 10.000 euros was awarded by a jury of photography and architecture professionals to Antoinette Nausikaa Slagboom. The concept of selecting photographers / artists based on their portfolio and a projectproposal that is connected to the given theme and working with the group in a ‘master class’ construction with regular meetings, has been regarded as succesful and is today a distinctive feature of the prize.


Exhibition Bouw in Beeld Prijs, venues:
City Hall, The Hague June 17 - July 12, 2008.
Muziekgebouw a/h IJ, Amsterdam from Sept 11, 2008
Technical University Eindhoven, okt 2008.

Project Manager of ‘Project(OR) Art Fair for Contemporary Art Spaces’ for Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam, Feb 6-10, 2008
photo by Johan Slager

Overview booths Project(OR) at former Post Office at Coolsingel, Rotterdam (photo Johan Slager)

For MAMA, I produced an ‘alternative art fair’ in parallel to the big art fair; Art Rotterdam. Almost 30 project spaces from all over the world were invited to come to Rotterdam and to present themselves in a booth. We managed to have the amazingly beautiful former Post Office at the Coolsingel as our venue. Every night, short presentations were given by all the participating project spaces / galleries.


curator of Building Portraits / GebouwGezichten
Exhibition Gallery 3 � March/May 2007
at the Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam in cooperation with Dutch construction company Ballast Nedam
While still working on Spectacular City, the NAi had been approached by construction company Ballast Nedam to ask them if they could cooperate together in setting up a photography competition and show. For the NAi, I then made the concept for The ‘Bouw in Beeld’-prize, as it is still called today, organising the competition, meetings with the photographers, and the final exhibition. Photographers / artists could send in their portfolios and a projectproposal that connected to the theme ‘GebouwGezichten / BuildingPortraits’. By a jury, 10 photographers were selected and were gien 4 months to realize a new body of work as proposed in their project proposal. Each month, the photographers got together to discuss the progression of the works, with eachother and 4 photography professionals, myself included. This working period resulted in a show in Gallery 3 at the NAi, 3 prizes were awarded by an independent jury of photography and architecture professionals. First prize winner was Maarten van Schaik.

Link to the NAi website: about Building Portraits
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assistant curator of Spectacular City - Photographing the Future
Exhibition Gallery 1 � September 2006 / January 2007
at the Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam
/assistant editor of the ‘Spectacular City’ book that accompanied the exhibition
‘Spectacular City - Photographing the Future’ was the first large photography exhibition at the NAi in the main space, Gallery 1. Curator was Emiliano Gandolfi. The show featured the works of 29 prominent photographers: Olivo Barbieri, Oliver Boberg, Balthasar Burkhard, Vincenzo Castella, Edgar Cleijne, St�phane Couturier, Thomas Demand, Andreas Gefeller, Geert Goiris, Andreas Gursky, Naoya Hatakeyama, Todd Hido, Dan Holdsworth, Francesco Jodice, Aglaia Konrad, Luisa Lambri, Ine Lamers, Sze Tsung Leong, Armin Linke, Taiji Matsue, Karin Apollonia M�ller, Bas Princen, Thomas Ruff, Frank van der Salm, Heidi Specker, Jules Spinatsch, Thomas Struth, Michael Wesely and Edwin Zwakman.

Point of departure for this show was the notion of the influence of the artistic photographic image on architecture and how photographers, nowadays use the medium of photography with its extensive technical and digital possiblities to create new worlds, cities and buildings that rather give us a glimpse of the future than ‘just’ document the here and now.

After the NAi, the show travelled further to the NRW Forum in D�sseldorf, Germany.

Link to the NAi website

Spectacular City - Andreas Gursky being copied

book Spectacular City