Kim Bouvy


Selection of works in chronological order, click on links to see more:

Currently working on several projects, more info soon:
2003/2011/2022 Niemandsland Revisited (in preparation)
2021 - now HABITAT
2019 - now The nature of Time
2012 - 2016 - now Common Ground (in preparation)

2017 NDSM, sketch for a commissioned work
2017 Erembodegem, LOLA Landscape, commissioned work
2016 ‘The Next Economy’, IABR 2016, commissioned work, publication
2015 Made In Europe, Bureau Europa, commissioned work, installation, publication
2014 PARK/STAD, Bureau Europa, commissioned work, installation
2013 Landscapes of Energy, Source Publication Design Academy Eindhoven, commissioned work, publication
2012 ‘Learning from…Rotterdam’, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, commissioned work,
2012 Tourist Information Rotterdam-Istanbul / Common Ground, commissioned work
2011 Points of View, Maasstad Hospital Rotterdam, commissioned work
2011 ‘Deconstruction of a weavers’ house
2010 works made during residency in Marxloh Duisburg
2010 ‘Kim/Cas’, 9 reinterpretations of images from photographer Cas Oorthuys on Rotterdam for Erasmus University icw CBK and Nederlands Fotomuseum, commissioned work, publication
2010 photography book ‘HOME’ for VMX architects/Mevis en van Deursen, commissioned work, publication

2006 - 2015 Phantom City (City if Imagination), book, installations
The artist book ‘City of Imagination (2006) formed the starting point for the project ‘Phantom City’ that resulted in different iterations:
2006 installation/artist book ed. 3 - made on the occasion of the show ‘The Art of Inhabitation’ at Galleria Huuto - Helsinki
2007-2008 installation ‘City of Imagination’
- installation with 3 channel analogue black/white slide projection for exhibition ‘Inspiratie Rotterdam’ at Historisch Museum Rotterdam;
2009 exhibition Source Material at TENT. Rotterdam, The Other Site at Nest The Hague
2010 book ‘Phantom City - a photo novel’. Graphic design by Hansje van Halem, published by Pels & Kemper publishers)
2010 installation at exhibition Quick Scan Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam, Quick Scan NL at Dutch Cultural Center Shanghai (2010), CBK Rotterdam (2010), Galerie MK Berlin (2010), Photo Espana (2010), Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven (2012), The Dutch Photobook at Nederlands Fotomuseum (2012), Contemporary Art Museum Erarta Sint Petersburg (2013), Rotterdam in The Picture at Nederlands Fotomuseum (2015).

2004 - present Series Notopia, In Notopia, I am looking for places in cities that can not be defined that easily but are witness of current urban developments in cities which seem to make use of the same characteristics everywhere.

2004 Guerilla Postcards, 9 postcards that investigate the representation of Stockholm
2004 ABCity - series on Stockholm, residency at IASPIS

2002 - 2022 Niemandsland - Berlin Without the wall, publication, installation
Project about the new landscapes that came into being after the fall of the Berlin wall that has a specificity and quality of its own. Niemandsland was made into a book (ed. 1250) and several exhibitions between 2002 and 2004. In 2022, I will be rephotographing the sites I photographed 20 years earlier.

1999 UIT-ZICHT, over het bewegen, het stilstaan en het verdwalen, Artist book (ed 500)
In texts and images I try to define the meaning of landscape and its imagery and the aspect of travelling, seeing, standing still and getting lost. Published by Academie voor Beeldende Kunst ’s-Hertogenbosch on the occasion of winning the thesis prize.