Kim Bouvy


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- Major projects in chronological order -

Several commissioned works:
2012 new series images for Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven
2011 5 large photoworks for waiting areas polyclinics Maasstad Hospital Rotterdam
2010 Erasmus University: series of 9 contemporary ‘rephotographs’ / reinterpretations of images from Cas Oorthuys on Rotterdam
2010 photography book ‘HOME’ by VMX architects

(production 2007-2009)
BOOK ‘Phantom City- a photo novel’.
New photo/textbook about the representations of and dreams or nightmares about a Phantom City
Publishing date: January 22, 2010. Graphic design by Hansje van Halem, published by Pels & Kemper publishers)

‘Phantom City’ can be ordered in my webstore and is also available at Schaden and through Motto distribution.

Special edition: one signed copy with one of 2 different prints of 30×40 cm (paper size), signed and numbered (ed. 15). Price: 225 euro (excl shipping). If you are interested, please send me an email.

2007 - ongoing
Landscapes of the Sublime
Ongoing series of images, found footage of landscapes that are connected to the (experience of the) Sublime and its never constant definition

‘City of Imagination’
- installation with 3 channel slide projection � exhibition ‘Inspiratie Rotterdam’ @ Historisch Museum Rotterdam untill February 2008
- Artist photo book, ed. 3 - made on the occasion of the show ‘The Art of Inhabitation’ at Galleria Huuto - Helsinki dec 2006.
This book forms the starting point for both the installation ‘City of Imagination’ and the book ‘Phantom City’ and is the result of an ongoing fascination with the complex character of my own hometown, Rotterdam.

Series Notopia (in progress)
A loose set of images that I am making/collecting of cities everywhere as a sequel to my investigation in Berlin about the ‘Niemandsland’. For Notopia, I am looking for places in cities that can not be defined that easily but are witness of current urban developments in European (but recently also non-european) cities which seem to make use of the same characteristics everywhere.

Guerilla Postcards
a series of postcards (ed 9 x 500) that investigate the representation of cities, in this case Stockholm, and how image and caption can create meaning and influence eachother.

Niemandsland - Berlin Without the wall
Project about the new landscapes that came into being after the fall of the Berlin wall that has a specificity and quality of its own. Niemandsland was made into a book (ed. 1250) and several exhibitions between 2002 and 2004.

UIT-ZICHT, over het bewegen, het stilstaan en het verdwalen
Artist book (ed 500) with texts and images in which I try to define the meaning of landscape and its imagery and the aspect of travelling, seeing, standing still and getting lost.