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You have reached the website of Kim Bouvy, a visual artist based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I make photographs, books and installations. Writing and text usually play an important role in my work.
Beside my own projects, I work as a freelance curator, educator, producer and organiser in the fields of photography, architecture, design and the visual arts. You can find more about that on my on LinkedIn page.

Landscape - Water Storage, 2021

I am fascinated by the contemporary urban landscape, how we as humans use and make public space. Also the natural but most often designed landscapes (often in urban situations) interest me. How do we perceive and value our surroundings? How is that again reflected in our visual culture, tourism, architecture and urbanism? Those are the questions my work is driven by.
I regard both image and text to be part of a common language, that tries to describe the spaces that we inhabit: I photograph and I write. Also the history of a specific place plays an important role and forms the underlay in most of my projects, research plays an important role therefore.
Usually I work on self-initiated longterm projects but also on commissions or specific assignments.

My books Phantom City and Niemandsland can be best ordered/bought at NAi Booksellers or through my web shop. On Instagram you can find my irregular daily notes, Facebook I use for friends only. You can contact me by email through kimbouvy at gmail dot com if you want to know more or would like to collaborate.

All images: copyright Kim Bouvy c/o Pictoright, Amsterdam

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