Kim Bouvy

RECIPROCITY/Design Liège at Bureau Europa, Maastricht Oct 2015



Bureau Europa will contribute to the extra muros program of RECIPROCITY 2015 with a project entitled Made in Europe. Departing from ideas relating to an ‘anonymous history’ and ‘hidden integration’ in Europe, Bureau Europa aims to expose some of the European networks that connect different actors and events.

As a part of Made in Europe, I have been commissioned by Bureau Europa to investigate the specific reciprocity between the industrial history and identity of the cities Liège and Maastricht.
Both form important footnotes in the history of Europe: Liège where more than 200 years ago Cockerill founded the first textile and steel factories, establishing the forefront of the industrial revolution on the mainland of Europe, and Maastricht as the site where the Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1992 that consolidated further European integration.
The contemporary face of Europe emerges in the disconnection between these localities and their once prominent industrialists: companies are no longer connected to their local context of resources and worker populations but now move with the international flows of capital and global economics. Under these conditions, how can these two cities in the Euregio still shape or rather reinvent their social and economic identities?