Kim Bouvy

24 June - 2 September 2012: Exhibition ‘Learning from…Rotterdam’

Exhibition ‘Learning from Rotterdam’ - Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven (DE)
24 June - 2 September 2012
With Elian Somers (NL), Kim Bouvy (NL), Oliver Gudow (DE) and Jost Wischnewski (DE)
Curated by Viola Weigel (dir. Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven)

New works I made during a short stay in the North German town of Wilhelmshaven on invitation by the Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven will be shown, together with the installation ‘Phantom City’.

Around July 10, the second number of the magazine ‘KW’ will be published which will feature our works and texts about Rotterdam and Wilhelmshaven by ao Viola Weigel and Caroline von Courten.

‘Lena’ - c-print on aluminum, 75 x 95 cm

The exhibition takes a certain assumed analogy between the two harbor cities of Wilhelmshaven and Rotterdam as starting point: both were damaged during the Second World War (Wilhelmshaven also during WW I), both cities are closely tied to their harbor and therefore ’sacrificed’ for a greater cause in different moments in history to serve a purpose that goes beyond its own economical and social borders.
A new phase for Wilhelmshaven will commence soon: In August 2012, the JadeWeserPort will be opened: a new and Germany’s only deep water container port located at the German Bight on the North East side of Wilhelmshaven. The other deep water port in Western Europe is…Rotterdam. The realization of the JDW port is in a sense connecting the two cities and harbors - not the least as competitors. Not only looking at Rotterdam in an economical sense, but also learning from Rotterdam in a social and cultural sense might be valuable, is what (the curator of) this exhibition is implying.

The title of the exhibition also refers to the seminal publication ‘Learning from Las Vegas’ by Scott Brown, Venturi and Izenour (revised ed. 1977) which, indirectly, formed my starting point when photographing the city of Wilhelmshaven.
There, I was not looking so much for similarities between the two cities, but tried to grasp the vernacular specificity of this seemingly anonymous urban fabric in the North of Germany.

‘Stoever’ - c-print on aluminum, 75 x 95 cm

‘Bayram Markt’ - c-print on aluminum, 75 x 95 cm

‘International’ - c-print on aluminum, 75 x 95 cm



Installation shots Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven

slide installation ‘Phanton City’, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven

15 May 2012: one day exhibition ‘Research by Walking’ curated by Alba Colomo

With: Iratxe Jaio & Klaas van Gorkum / Kim Bouvy / Left Hand Rotation

Only 15.05.2012 during De Derde Dinsdag from 19.30h!
Location: project space Het Wilde Weten, Robert Fruinstraat 35 Rotterdam NL


Research by walking works as the beginning of an open work-in-progress project that will be expanded during the curator’s residency at Het Wilde Weten. Focusing on the role of artists in the gentrification processes in the city of Rotterdam, the exhibition puts together a series of research material Alba is using for her project with three works by Iratxe Jaio & Klaas van Gorkum, Kim Bouvy and Left Hand Rotation.

After finishing her Humanities studies at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and King’s College London, Alba Colomo achieved a MA in curating Latin American Art from the University of Essex. Her research focuses on the possibilities of visual art practices to liberate and destabilise the assumptions embedded within our everyday lives.

Her most recent work is the publication Art Control Society, which compiles the work of three artists around the topic of social control.

More information:

The curatorial residency of Alba Colombo was made possible by Sala Rekalde/ BizkaiKOA, Bilbao (ES) and is realized in cooperation with TENT.

Friday Feb 25, 2011: opening 17h ‘One Month Marxloh’ at Het Wilde Weten

25 Feb 25 - 6 March
EXHIBITION ‘1 Maand Marxloh’, Het Wilde Weten
With works by Jetske de Boer, Christine Saalfeld, Eric Jan van der Geer, Kim Bouvy, Elian Somers, Ine Lamers and Sandro Setola. A project organized by Kim Zieschang and Arnoud Schuurman.

Opening: Friday Feb 25, 17h by Hugo Bongers, Director of the Rotterdam Council for Art and Culture.

Guided tour by Jetske de Boer – Staatsorgaan voor Toekomst Organisatie en Planning (S.T.O.P.) during the opening and by appointment (

Open February 25 – March 6 Thursday – Sunday: 12:00 – 17:00 hrs and by appointment (tel. 0652-144001,

1 Maand Marxloh

Installation “Phantom City’ @ MK galerie, Berlin (Nov 12 - Dec 18, 2010)

On the correlation between image and identity

Sonia Jiménez Alvarez (D), Kim Bouvy (NL), Sabrina Jung (D), Dieuwertje Komen (NL), Anne Lass (D), Patricia Neligan (D), Antje Peters (D/NL), Elian Somers (NL)

Contemporary photography from Germany and the Netherlands, curated by Caroline von Courten

coming up: 2 groupshows in Berlin and Duisburg

November 13 – December 18, 2010
opening: Friday, November 12th 2010 at 6 pm
MKgalerie - Berlin

On the correlation between image and identity
Contemporary photography from Germany and the Netherlands

Sonia Jiménez Alvarez (D), Kim Bouvy (NL), Sabrina Jung (D),
Dieuwertje Komen (NL), Anne Lass (D), Patricia Neligan (D), Antje Peters (D/NL), Elian Somers (NL) - curated by Caroline von Courten (D / NL)

(work on view: single-channel black and white slide installation ‘Phantom City’)

Point of departure of the group exhibition Behind the Bill Board with work of four Dutch and four German photographers, is the idea of malleability of an identity. This central idea of constructing an idea – of a city, a product or a person – manifests itself on different levels within this exhibition. Some of the artists investigate the photographic medium in relation to the reciprocity of image and identity. others show us a constructed or deconstructed ‘outside’, where the malleability of our society and environment as well as its limitations become visible.

In January 2010, the collaboration between these female German and Dutch photographers started off with a first show titled ‘NowHere’ at the CBK in Rotterdam with the intention to bring the show to the other city: Berlin. For this ’sequel’, we as photographers invited Caroline von Courten as a curator and producer.

MKgalerie - Rudi-Dutschke-Strasse 26 - 10969 Berlin /
open tue - sat 11.00 - 18.00 h


Opening Saturday November 13, 17h
With a guided tour through Duisburg-Marxloh by Jetske de Boer
Weselerstrasse 113, Duisburg-Marxloh

With works by Jetske de Boer, Christine Saalfeld. Eric Jan van de Geer, Kim Bouvy, Elian Somers, Ine Lamers and Sandro Setola

From May till October 2010, 6 artists from Rotterdam each worked one month in the residency ‘1 maand Marxloh’, in Marxloh – Duisburg. The residency was founded by artists Kim Zieschang and Arnoud Schuurman,who invited the artists to relate with their works to the urban context of Marxloh in particular and the Ruhr area in general. The exhibition, housed in a beautiful vacant store, brings together different points of view on the region by means of photography, drawings and sculpture.
The exhibition will be opened in presence of the artists by Aslı Sevindim, Artistic Director of Stadt der Kulturen Ruhr.2010, Heiner Maschke, Geschäftsführer der Entwicklungsgesellschaft Duisburg, Felix Eich, Kulturreferent General Consulate of the Netherlands and Kim Zieschang und Arnoud Schuurman, initiators ‘1 maand Marxloh’.

Address: Weselerstrasse 113
47169 Duisburg-Marxloh
Exhibition: 14 – 28th of November 2010
Open: Tue-Sun 11-17h (and by appointment, tel.+49 (0)1578-8633135)

1 maand Marxloh was made possible with financial support Municipal Services for Art and Culture, Rotterdam, Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam; the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the framework of NL-RUHR; the Entwicklungsgesellschaft Duisburg [EG DU], the European Center for Creative Economy [ecce] and the Kulturhauptstadt Ruhr.2010. 1 maand Marxloh is a project from Modile e.V.

A59 turn Röttgersbach/Fahrn, follow Warbruckstrasse direction of Marxloh to Weselerstrasse. Tram: from Duisburg Hauptbahnhof Tram 903 Direction Dinslaken, Stop Heckmann


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