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NIEMANDSLAND - Berlijn zonder de Muur / No Man’s Land - Berlin without the wall - 160 p., full color, ed. 1250. Design: Claudia van Rouendal / Kim Bouvy.
Published dec. 2002, De Verbeelding Publishers.

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In �No man�s land� I looked at the evolution of the landscape after the Berlin wall and its dominating ideology had disappeared. What had happened with the landscape where the wall once stood, 13 years after the fall of the Wall? How was this phenomenon and its physical remnants given a new meaning and what was on the one hand the point of view of the tourist and on the other that of the citizen ?
With this project I wanted to investigate how the stereotypical imagery founded during the Cold War could still hold out in the heads of the people (Die Mauer im Kopf) even when the Cold War was over and the remnants out of (physical) sight. Could it be that people, and therefore photography, are blind for the somewhat dull and far less uncanny present?…





Guerilla Postcards

a series of 9 postcards depicting characteristic spaces of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. How places and spaces can be defined as characteristic has more often than not got to do more with its historical and social structures than with the more formal aspects of architecture.

Nevertheless, cities tend to define and describe themselves to others, especially in tourism, in terms of preferably beautiful lines and forms.

With this series, I show the more overlooked parts of the city, that nevertheless play an important role; since the form of architecture and cities are formed by power- and economical structures, that do not necessarily reveil themselves to a public eye in public space.

These cards intend to ‘help’ the ignorant visitor, by means of the texts on the back that provide an alternative reading of the meaning of these often modest public spaces.

The cards were part of the exhibition ‘Al Moveable Wonders…’ at IASPIS and were spread in Stockholm in card racks and cultural institutions.

You can download all the cards as a pdf on the download page

all moveable wonders

Guerilla Postcard 03

Guerilla Postcard 02

Guerilla Postcard 01


‘UIT-ZICHT, over het bewegen , het stilstaan en het verdwalen’, was published by the Royal Academy of Fine arts and Design ’s-Hertogenbosch in 2000 on the occasion of the Academy thesis Award for graduating students. The book is a combination of my own images and texts and quotations that I had collected between 1997-1999. The book is loosely ordered by the three parts: the ‘moving’ (het bewegen), the ’standing still’ (het stilstaan), and the ‘getting lost’ (het verdwalen).These three movements are not only the movements of my body, but also the movement of my eye and how that effects my own thinking about/observing of everything that is happening around me.

The book is part of the collection artist’ publications of PrintROOM and was on show in the ‘Pages’ exhibition by photography platform Fw:

IN 2000, the book was long-longlisted for Best Dutch bookdesign…
UIT-ZICHT - ed. 500, 109 p., design: Claudia van Rouendal/Kim Bouvy.

Unavailable / sold out (please send me an email if you would like to know more)




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