Kim Bouvy

Oct. 7, 2009

Just like the Hofbogen, the website will be under construction.
News on the release of ‘Phantom City’ will follow shortly.

Thursday June 18, 20h at TENT.: Phantom City Films


Phantom City Films – Kim Bouvy /

Surprise Book Launch – Marc Bijl

Kim Bouvy talks to radio producer/journalist Marten Minkema about the contrast between promotional films for Rotterdam and the image that the city is given when it serves as a background for feature films and crime series. She shows a number of historical promotional films that inspired her to make her installation for the exhibition Source Material, such as ‘Rotterdam’ directed by Eimert Kruidhof after a scenario by Jan Blokker from 1962.

By now Marc Bijl is no longer a resident of Rotterdam having been entirely Berlin-ized. Still he returns to the city where his artistic roots lie to present his recently published monograph. His book In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up (NAI Publishers/ DA2) provides an overview of the most important works produced by Bijl in the past ten years. At the same time it is an artist’s book to which Bijl also makes his creative contribution. The evening will close with a DJ set by none other than the artist himself; Marc Bijl.

opening Thursday May 14, 20h: ‘Source Material’ - TENT. Rotterdam

Exhibition open from May 15-June 20, 2009

With: Özlem Altin, Kim Bouvy, Jeroen van Broekhuizen, Cor Dera, Marjolijn Dijkman, Radboud Mens, Reineke Otten, Sjoerd Westbroek

website TENT.


SOURCE MATERIAL presents the work of eight contemporary artists who use catalogueing, collection and classification as an artistic method in order to reconsider the meaning of history, identity and time. In recent years the art world has seen a striking interest in documentation and archiving. In the current era of Wikipedia and Web 2.o technologies, the access to source material has become virtually unlimited and the Internet functions as the archive of all archives. How can that immense amount of information be tamed? The artists in Source Material use an unorthodox way of unlocking, of ‘knowing’, in which the desire for order and clear arrangement can be converted into a passion for understanding the world. Surrounded by a flood of images, in their work they use archives, databases, and encyclopaedias or set up their own image bank. The traditional meaning and hierarchy of the images is made subordinate to a new logic, to a subversive, narrative or summarizing way of showing the world.

Installation ‘City of Imagination’ - at Pictura

11 October - 8 November 2008: Art of Inhabitation - Modulations, groupshow at Pictura Dordrecht, curated by Annu Wilenius and Saarah Hacklin (FIN). With Kalle Hamm, Kaarina Haka, Anu Suhonen, Tiina Mielonen, Annu Wilenius (FIN), Aletta de Jong, Kim Bouvy, en Karin Suter (NL)

August 30, 2008


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